Can You Cream Butter And Sugar In A Food Processor?

Blending butter and sugar to make a creamy mixture is considered a helpful technique for all kinds of food recipes. The processing will help to boost the best form of the foods you are making. 

But a lot of housewives have concerns about using food processors to make a cake. So, can you cream butter and sugar in a food processor?

You can take food processors to mix butter and sugar.  The prior condition is that the butter needs to stay warm and a little melted. Small sugar crystals are also the best.

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An Overview of Mixing Butter And Sugar In Food Processors

Mixing butter and sugar in a food processor

Butter and sugar could make a mixture in food processors if you follow the instructions properly. 

You cannot cream cold butter as it is not soft enough. You cannot also use coarse sugar like large sugar crystals because food processors cannot blend the mixture.

Therefore, you will need to allow the butter to become slightly soft and choose tiny sugar crystals.

There are some other issues you should take note of carefully:

  • Suitable food processors

Ensure you pick up the suitable food processor. The small and low-end processor is not strong enough. The reason is the motor with low wattage. It will end up having trouble blending the butter and sugar to make a fluffy mixture. 

The final result would be many lumps of butter along with clusters of sugar that do not mix into an even and fine texture.

  • Real butter

The utmost recommendation is to adopt real butter. Otherwise, the fake one will discourage you. 

There are a large number of fake butter products that contain a smaller content of fat. When you want to produce a home-made cream, the content of fat in butter will determine the quality of the creamy texture.

  • Good-quality sugar

The characteristics of the sweetens have an impact on the cream. Coarse sugar or artificial sweeteners will affect the taste of the creamy texture overwhelmingly. 

If you intend to take a sugar alternative, ensure you take a test of the quality before you put it into your processing machine. It would be a surprise of bitterness or flavorlessness.

Necessary Materials To Mix Butter And Sugar

Necessary materials to mix butter and sugar

Prepare a set of tools and materials before you begin mixing butter and sugar:

  • Soft, actual butter with standard fat levels.

  • Real sugar with small crystals.

  • A suitable food processor.

  • Mixing bowls and spoons.

  • Glass bowls.

  • Plastic wraps.

Taking The Food Processor To Mix Sugar and Butter

Using food processors to blend sugar and butter

Taking a food processor to mix butter and sugar is less time-consuming and effortful. Even if you want to reduce the cooking time and also do not know other methods of making the cream, you are in the right place.

Here are the guidelines to tackle the problem:

Step 1: Prepare the butter

Pull the stick of butter out from the fridge and allow it to soften to ambient temperature. As we suggested, the butter should be melted a little to appropriately cream in food processors or wooden mixing bowls. 

Step 2: Knead the butter

Put the stick of butter into food processors and seal the lid. Let the machine work for some seconds to split the butter. Next, take off the lid and pour the sugar into the food processor. 

Separating the butter before creaming these two ingredients together lets the butter turn to be more absorbent. The step encourages the small sugar to mix evenly with the butter. Then, you will have the expected structure.

Step 3: Run the food processor

Touch the button on your food processor when both the small sugar and porous butter are inside. Ensure that the sugar is enfolding over the butter proportionately. 

If you see a few lumps of butter or clumps of sugar in the food processor, you can lift the lid and shake it slightly with an available spoon.

You can also regard the pulse options instead of a constant creamy mixture if the machine features this function.

Step 4: Scrape the cream 

Open the food processor and use a spoon to shave the cream on the walls of the processor container. The step is very important, particularly when you follow the recipe correctly with certain amounts of sugar and butter. 

If you leave too much cream on the walls of the food container, it will cause an ingredient shortage. This mistake can lead to a lot of problems after that.

Step 5: Take out the cream

When you all complete the task, you put the creamy texture into a glass-made bowl and wrap it with a cling film if you direct at using it later. If you can use it immediately, then it will produce the best result. 

It is fine to store the creamy texture in the freezer for maximum five days, as said Still Tasty. Wrapping the cream with plastic coverage will get rid of bacteria and avoid losing flavor or aroma.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions of creaming butter and sugar

Using a food processor to whip cream butter and sugar is not too difficult. However, you may encounter some problems along the way.

If you’re trying to figure out how to avoid any potential issues or you’ve messed something up, then you’ll benefit from the following Q & A.

What is the amount of time to finish the task of creaming sugar and butter?

You can make the creamy texture in just five minutes or even less. When you have had the butter to be slightly melted, there is no need to wait any longer to make the cream.

Can you take margarine as an alternative to make the cream?

You can take a margarine substitute to produce the butter-sugar cream as long as it is not the kind of margarine tub. The reason is that the softness of margarine in a tub goes beyond the standard. 

What is the amount of every ingredient you should use? 

You can put a stick of butter in the glass bowl and a single spoon of sugar. Then, you blend it in food processors until it begins to get fluffy. 

Can you make the butter-sugar cream by hand?

The answer is yes. You can make the buttercream by hand with the same results as you use a food processor.

However, there is still one notable difference between these two methods. The manual method would take more effort, energy, and time than the automatic method. So you can think seriously about choosing a new food processor.


As such, you cream butter and sugar in food processors. You just remember to follow the guidelines properly.

Also, prepare the essential ingredients and tools to achieve the best results. Stick to the recipe so that you can estimate the right amount of each ingredient to ensure the deliciousness of the butter-sugar cream.

Now, follow the instructions and be successful!

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