Why Can You Put Hot Water In A Coffee Maker?

Coffee is one of the most beloved drinks in the world. Many people admit that their working day cannot begin if they do not sip a cup of coffee.

For that reason, a coffee maker is a necessity in every kitchen. But you tend to use hot water in a coffee machine to hurry the brewing process. So, why can you put hot water in a coffee maker?

The fact is that coffee makers come with various brands, designs, and features. Whether you can use hot water in a coffee maker will depend on your habits as well as the type of the machine. 

Putting Hot Water In High-Quality Coffee Makers

You can put hot water in a coffee maker to brew coffee. Putting hot water in a coffee machine can reduce the brewing time.

Hot water helps to reduce brewing time

It is fine to put hot water in high-quality coffee makers such as Nespresso and Keurig. A good coffee machine will heat the water to a certain temperature regardless of its hotness or coldness.

Hot water helps to reduce brewing time

Warm water will help to decrease the needed energy and time to brew coffee. But it is probably unnoticeable.

Good coffee makers will heat the water to around 95 degrees Celsius. Overheating is likely to risk “burning” the ground coffee.

Some people may wonder if they have the “extra hot” water. It is not practical as the water boils at 100 degrees Celsius. At that point, the water will turn to steam.

The type of hot water to put in coffee makers

Of course, you can use hot water in a coffee maker. But where should you take the hot water?

Some of you may take the hot water from the faucet by shutting it on the hot water tap. It is not a good idea. This type of hot water is not the right water to use owing to the taste.

Since the hot water has been stored inside the heater for a typical amount of time, it tends to absorb some annoying odors. 

It is better to take fresh water and heat it. You can get the water from the cold water faucet, and then heat it with the kettle or something like that. Any of these methods would be more effective than the hot water from the tap. 

Remember that everything you will eat or drink, including coffee, with the hot tap water, they possibly taste vile. Warming fresh cold water to hasten your coffee maker would create many time and energy savings.

Types Of Coffee Makers That You Should Not Use Hot Water

If you are using a type of coffee maker like a drip percolator (Mr Coffee as an example), it will only use cold water. The reservoir of the drip percolator will not work with hot water, and the water must be cold. 

Mr Coffee maker has a temperature-sensitive valve. It makes sure no hot water will pass through the tube and the heating coil.

Hence, it will take much longer for your coffee maker to brew. The reason is that the hot water has to cool down before the appliance can run to work. 

If you still put hot water in the coffee maker, it will trigger some problems with your coffee drinks as well as your coffee machine.

Waiting longer

It is not good to use hot water to make coffee

As we mentioned above, you should not put hot water in typical coffee makers. Instead of reducing the brewing time and energy, you will have to wait longer. It will discourage your mind from enjoying cups of coffee.

The bad taste of coffee

Coldwater is better to make coffee

The second issue with the hot water in a coffee maker is the bad taste of coffee beverages. 

Some types of coffee makers still accept hot water to brew coffee, but it can affect the flavor.

When you put hot water in the coffee machine, this gadget can continue to heat the hot water and make it boil. The result will be a cup of over-extracted ground coffee. 

The taste becomes worse as you find the coffee more bitter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a coffee maker work?

Every coffee maker will have a heating system to heat water for brewing coffee.

In detail, the heating system will warm the water to nearly boiling point (from 90.5°C to 96.0°C). When the water shows bubbles, it will go through the hot water pipes and finally to the showerhead, where it is released evenly over the ground coffee.

This quite simple system does not need to move all the parts. All it has to do is get the water to a suitable temperature. Then, the hot water can go through the water pipe easily.

Can the action of putting hot water damage your coffee maker?

Normally, hot water will not harm your coffee maker. But when you pour the boiling water, it will be another situation. The boiling water possibly goes through the hot water pipe faster and finds its way inside the heating plate. 

Final Words

In conclusion, you can put hot water in a coffee maker to brew coffee. Remember, just use good coffee machines such as Nespresso or Keurig. It will help you reduce the brewing time and energy effectively.

For other types such as Mr Coffee, you should put cold water into it to get the best results. Otherwise, you will have a cup of coffee with bad tastes but need to wait longer.

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